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RICWIL'S Lo-Temp Hi-Gard piping system is the highest quality, most effifient and dependable method of providing for obove-ground distribution of fluids at temperatures up to 130°C.

Lo-Temp Hi-Gard is prefabricated to improve quality and save labor, the Lo-Temp Hi-Gard piping system is completely preinsulated to satisfy insulation and jacketing needs for all above-ground applications, indoors and outside.

Lo-Temp Hi-Gard provides the unparalleled thermal efficiency of factory-apllied poly-urethane insulation, protected by any one of a multitude of jacket materials. Metal jackets of aluminum, galvanized steel, plasticcoated galvanized steel, stainless steel, and U.V. inhibited plastic jacket of PVC and polyethylene are all available. Lo-Temp Hi-Gard components are factory assembled including all necessary fabricated fitting, such as ells, tees, expansion loops and anchors, so a complete system ready for fast installation is delivered to the jobsite. Supporting of the Lo-Temp Hi-Gard system is simplified by the capability of supporting from the outside of the protective jacket.
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