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RICWIL'S Mid-Temp Hi-Gard piping systemprovides superior BTU saving in addition to an efficient, high quality, labor-saving method of providing for the distribution of fluids above-ground at temperatures of 130°C and above.

A combination of calcium silicate and polyurethane insulation makes BTU savings possible. These savings are extremely desirable in electric-traced applications where every BTU saved lowers electrical equipment material cost and adds to lifelong savings in power usage. These savings also justify Mid-Temp Hi-Gard purchase for many district cooling and heating applications, where every BTU delivered to a customer brings added income to the system owner. Supporting of pipe system is simplified by capability of supporting from the outside of the protective capability of supporting from the outsideof the protective jacket.

Completely prefabricated and preinsulated, the Mid-Temp Hi-Gard piping system meets the design requirements of all above-ground installations for services of and above where maximum BTU savings are desired. Mid-Temp Hi-Gard maintains thermal efficiency indoors and outside. It consist of a highly thermal-efficient inner layer of calcium silicate, an outer layer of polyurethane factory-applied to the rrequired thickness and density, and a protective jacket of a material best suited to the application. Metal jackets of aluminum, galvanized steel, plastic coated galvanized steel, stainless steel, and U.V. inhibited plastic jackets of PVC and polyethylene are all avialable. These components are efficiently factory assembled, including all necessary fabricated items such as ells, tees, expansion loops, anchors, etc., to deliver a complete system to the jobsite.



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